How to Grow Mint in Hydroponics Growing System?


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Unlike growing plants in soil, hydroponics growing system is the other way of growing plants with special mixture and nutrient water system. The water system provides the roots with needed nutrients regularly.

You can find hydroponic system for sale on our website that specializes in hydroponic gardening. For those with limited space, these grow tents are ideal. They take up less room than other gardening venues and produce healthy produce. Due to their versatility, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. As mint loves water and requires plenty of it, this is the perfect plant for hydroponic systems. Mint is also extremely easy to grow making it ideal for the beginner as maintenance is light once it’s been planted.

You need to grow mint hydroponically with the followings:

  • A hydroponic growing tent
  • A hydroponic growing kit
  • Soilless growing medium
  • Nutrient solution
  • Mint
  • Water
  • A growing light lamp

hydroponic grow tent

First of all, put the soilless growing medium into the growing kit and follow the directions that came with the kit. Each kit can vary, thereby needing a particular medium. Sand, perlite and peat are only a few soilless mixtures available.

Next, prepare the nutrient solution and water mixture, and then add it to the kit. The brand and strength of the nutrient solution can vary as different solutions require different nutrient ratios. Again, follow the directions supplied with the kit.

And then, place the mint plants into the kit. Although it is best to purchase seedlings that have been rooted in soilless mixtures, do not remove the planting medium from the roots of the plants. Place the mint plants in separate containers as ideally each plant should be separate.

Ideally, the kit should be placed in full sun. You can place the mints outside during the summer months and then in cooler weather move them inside. It is necessary for mints’ growth to install a grow lamp in your hydroponic grow tent. Approximately 12 to 16 hours daily lighting is ideal.

Hydroponic growing systems are an excellent alternative to outdoor gardening. You can enjoy numerous herbs and vegetables year round without the hard labor entailed with a garden.



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It is wonderful to relax yourself by lying in a hammock. However, hanging a hammock can be a frustrating endeavor. Check the tips below can be helpful for you to make quick and easy installation of hammock and then, you will get into the warm hanging embrace.


Choosing a location for your hammock is perhaps the most difficult part. While you probably don’t have the ideally spaced palm trees on your property, you might very well have two healthy oak, maple or beech trees that are strong enough to support your weight. Ideally, those hardwoods would be as far apart as the total length of your hammock, fully stretched out.

If the trees are too close together, the underside of the hammock is going to scrape along the ground. If the trees are too far apart, you’ll need to extend the reach of the hammock by means of an added-on rope or chain. While there’s a simple remedy for the latter problem, there’s unfortunately no fix for the former, other than to buy another, smaller hammock. Note, however, that it can be a mistake to extend a hammock any more than 18 inches at each end. Doing so leaves it vulnerable to ripping. So if you fully anticipate having to add extensions, only consider buying a hammock outfitted with a spreader bar to inhibit rips.



For obvious reasons, it’s important to establish a secure connection at each end of the hammock. One option is to use tree-fastening straps. They may not be included with your purchase. These straps feature a loop on one end and a metal ring on the other. Simply wrap the strap around the tree, pass the loop through the metal ring, then attach the hammock to the ring with S-hook hardware. One virtue of tree-fastening straps is that while effective, they cause no harm to the trees involved.

Though there are countless hammocks on the market, most falling into one or two design categories. First, you have traditional hammocks, and then you have hammocks with spreader bars. Traditional hammocks are meant to hang loosely between two trees, with the center dipping down. Since they get attached to points that are 6 to 8-feet high on nearby trees, you can, in a pinch, consider using tree branches which can offer sufficient heft.

The other type of hammock involves spreader bars, which force the hammock to remain open, so the occupant never becomes wrapped up in a hammock burrito. Unlike the traditional design, hammocks with spreaders hang only 4 or 5 feet from the ground. Also, whereas a traditional hammock hangs loosely, these hammocks hang taut; when unoccupied, they are virtually parallel with the ground.

Once you finished the installation of the outdoor hanging chair, you can earn a break right away. Enjoy your relaxation.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Toys in an Easy Way?


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OMG, your naughty dogs spread their dirty toys for dog around your house again. Would you ignore these and just simply pack them away? Never do that. Perfume, dyes or toxic chemicals on the toys will do harm to your dogs, especially toys for dogs that chew. Thus, clearing their lovely pet’s toys with conventional cleaning item is a must to maintain a healthier life for both of you.

Hard Dog Toys

When handle with hard rubber or plastic toys, you are suggested to use your dishwasher. Here we’ve got to skip one step, which means you don’t need to add traditional detergent. However, if you choose a botanically-derived soap to process, it is also acceptable. Usually, we’ll recommend using vinegar. Place the pet’s toys on the top rack and run a full cycle. The vinegar smell will be gone once the toys dry. Please pay attention to multi-task the load of wash. You’d better do all your pet’s cleaning at once which includes dishes, puzzle toys, fountains, non-leather collars and leashes. All of them can go through the dishwasher for a quick non-toxic and effective clean.

Squeaky Floating Tug Dog-Dog Toy

Soft Dog Toys

Soft toys can also collect dust mites besides to get dirty. Collect all your pet’s plush and soft toys for a quick run in the washing machine. You just need to simply sprinkle them with baking soda and add a few capfuls of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. For squeaking toys, you may need to squeeze out the water inside after the cycle finishes. When it is dry, the squeaker will work again. All the work is best to be processed in a sunny day so as to benefit air dry naturally for the pet’s toys. Of course, you can also toss them in the dryer on a low or air-only setting.

DIY Toy Cleaner

If you are lacking of methods of dishwasher and washing machine, don’t worry and you can DIY a dog toy cleaner. Put your pet’s toys into sink or tub, mix equal parts water with white vinegar. Scour extra dirty toys with a sprinkle of baking soda, or simply dump the toys in the sink with the solution. For quick cleanups, keep the vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle and wipe down toys with a cloth.

These methods for cleaning can guarantee best toys for dog and enjoy a healthier life for you and your dogs. Take action now!

Instructions for Camping with an Outdoor Hammock


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It’s camping season. Warmth comes back to us again and finally, we can enjoy sunbath outside. Instead of taking a large family camping tent, have you ever considered using an outdoor hammock to have more swing fun during your camping.

Actually, there are plenty of advantages to use a hammock when camping. In the first place, they are lightweight and are more affordable than an average tent. Secondly, they can be used in just about any type of landscape. The last but not the least, hammocks also provide a great place to relax when hanging out around camp.

It is quite easy to use a hammock. Just as anything else shows, experience teaches you the best lessons. Here are some common faults when using a hammock that you need to avoid.


Be careful for dead trees

Always be sure that you evaluate the integrity of the trees you are planning to tie your hammock to. Make sure they are strong enough and will not collapse when put under stress.

Check your ropes

A damaged rope weakens your hammocks performance and can easily break with your weight. Wrap your ropes around trees at least twice before tying your knots. This will reduce the wear on your ropes and also protect the trees.

Tying good knots

The bowline, taut-line hitch and the fisherman’s knots are the three most important. A bowline knot is a strong, solid knot and should be used to tie the ropes around the trees that support your weight. Use the taut-line hitch for your rain flies. These knots are easily tightened or loosened based on your needs.

Note: Rain fly ropes should NOT be used to support your weight in the hammock. And finally, the fisherman’s knot is used to attach ropes together for extension purposes. Spend some time practicing these knots and you shouldn’t have any problems hanging your hammock correctly and safely.

Lying in a hammock is really a perfect way reduce stress and relax yourself. The way that the hammock conforms to your body’s natural shape and the fact that your body’s weight is so evenly distributed gives you a feeling of weightlessness.

Hammock camping is a great alternative when camping and are a wonderful addition for backyard enjoyment. You worth it!

Keeping Fit by Bouncing on Trampoline


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As the saying goes, anything funny is generally bad for you. However, we are going to say no to this theory when it happens to trampoline. Trampoline exercise is actually beneficial to our health with great fun.

Speaking of burning calories in average, bouncing regularly on a trampoline is 15 percent more effective that running. That’s to say, trampoline, in fact, is an effective helper for weight loss.


People think trampoline requires no age. And here we say regular bouncing on the trampoline can truthfully make you feel younger. It is of great help to slow down our rapid ageing process, leaving us with a stronger stamina.

Nowadays, heart disease becomes the main fatal killer in the UK and in many other countries around the world. This concerning issue is closely linked with our daily life. Not only we, but our family and friends are involved to fight against this horrible illness. Bouncing on trampoline can effectively reduce cholesterol, because it increased blood flow and strengthens muscles around our hearts from increased aerobic exercise. It contributes to a lower heart rate the other way around, naturally, the chance for heart disease is decreased. What’s more, cancer is also far away from us. Jumping squeezes those toxins from our lymphatic system, allowing our glands working at least ten times faster than normal.

14ft trampoline

And for our everyday health, the benefits of trampoline exercise are ever increasing. Not only does it ease pressure on our joints by strengthening tendon ligaments, but it also increases our bone density and surrounding muscles.

Back pain is one of life’s real grinds, and many of us spend thousands of pounds each year on a variety of remedies. But the use of a trampoline can help to prevent the cause of back pain – poor posture. The act of bouncing helps strengthen our back and stomach muscles which are essential in supporting the spine, and at the same time improving balance.

Don’t hesitate. It is never too late to invest a trampoline for kids, for family and for yourself. Having fun bouncing for healthy body now!

Where is the Optimal Place to Install a Portable Greenhouse?


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As a gardening lover, one of the typical elements you should install in your garden is a portable greenhouse. Usually, the portable greenhouses are cheap and easy to set up. What’s more, they are small. In other words, you can use them even if there is no too much space to work with. You want to gain more from your greenhouse, so one essential step is how you install it. You just cannot pick a random place because there are some factors to consider for your better selection.


Regardless grown inside or outside greenhouse, plants are in need of massive sunshine. When setting up a portable greenhouse, you’d better find an area without shadow. Maybe it is strict, then trying to find somewhere gets rid of anything that might cast shadows in the area you intend to put the greenhouse. For example, if there are plenty of trees that cast shadows in your garden, it might be wise to trim them. In this way, you finally have a spot to acquire sufficient sunlight.

3m x 6m portable greenhouse
Soil quality

In most instances, the whole garden possesses the same soil quality. However, if you happen to have a very large one, then there exists soil with higher quality. Therefore, doing a survey about soil quality in advance is helpful to find out good quality soil. Then you can install portable greenhouse there to make your plants grow easier. That means you can get much more from it.

Drainage patterns

Some plants cannot bear boggy soil. So, if you intent to grow plants in this category, you need to prevent water stagnation in your portable greenhouse. For instance, the bottom of the depression is a perfect spot for water accumulation. You would rather search for a place with correct drainage pattern for your plants. Or you can modify the garden to meet your demands.

Access to power

You might need use power inside portable greenhouse, such as artificial lighting to encourage growth. In this case, a proper greenhouse site tends to be more important. Don’t place portable greenhouse too far away from main electricity. As we all know, complicated process of wiring means more potential dangers.

All in all, a portable greenhouse should not be placed arbitrarily, especially for a serious gardening fan. Following the above tips can make most out of your garden greenhouses investment by installing it in the optimal spot.

Fighting Against Nasty Pests in Your Greenhouse


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Greenhouses are peaceful and tranquil places. At meantime, they are also battlefields between pests and plants. A little negligence can be a fatal factor for us and our plants to lose the fight and leave a bitter greenhouse gardening history.


Aphids are horrible pests that can reproduce at a super fast rate. Because of asexual reproduction, every single aphid is a potential thread. They are able to produce 6 to 8 posterities every day and can last twenty to thirty days. Therefore, it is totally a nightmare to witness numerous aphids troop in a blink. Utilizing insecticide treatment is the effective method to control aphids while spraying is not a good idea to deal with these terrible pests.

3mx2m-polytunnel greenhouse_1

Fungus Gnats, Shore Flies, Bloodworms

Above pests prefer humility and moist soil. That’s to say, your greenhouses are exactly their paradise. Fungus gnat larvae are really annoying as they attack plants’ roots, crown or stem, and there is a period for you to notice your plants are attached by them. On the other hand, shore flies damage plants by spreading soil pathogens around the greenhouse. Bloodworms can breed in standing water. The counterattack for them is to clean up standing water, wet area or the like. Of course, never do excess watering can be a way to prevent these awful pests.


Leafminers are tiny fly larvae that feed between the surfaces of leaves. Therefore, it is ineffective to kill them with insecticides that grow inside the leaf. You are ought to be patient by removing them with your hands and get rid of the infected leaves.

Slugs and Snails

They are night feeders that hide themselves during the day. Fortunately, they can be easily exposed by their slimy trails. So it is important for you to keep indoor greenhouse clean and tidy. There is a smart way to keep them out, which is to install salt-embedded plastic strips around your plant benches.

All in all, the optimal way to combat these pests is to prevent them from infesting your greenhouse at first. When you are planting, double check if your greenhouse is pest free and inspect new plants before bringing them in. Also, make sure to purchase garden plants in places you trust. Last but not the least, keeping your indoor greenhouse sanitary and clean is a must.

Five Benefits of Marquee to Make Your Perfect Wedding


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When it comes to a wedding time, a marquee must be the optimal selection for you to present you a perfect marquee wedding. The followings are some advantages about the marquees and hope they can be helpful when you consider how to manage your wedding.


The big thing about marquees is their removable area. A marquee can be installed in different locations, from gardens and fields and hotels. In Scotland, there spreads full of breathtaking places to meet your preferences and provide you natural backdrop for your big day.



So now you already have wonderful activity spot, what if it turns out to be not long enough to contain your over-crowded guests? Don’t worry, a marquee is born for this to extent your gathering scale and help you out of the embarrassing situation.


As we all know, most of venues are defined to fixed number of people with certain size and restrict when the soiree ends. With the help of a marquee, you finally can easily adjust the size of your activity area and revel in your gatherings.


What surprises us most is the marquee are able to get rid of the permanent fixture and fittings that always exist in the most other buildings. And now you can bring your intelligence into full play, set up the equipment you prefer inside the marquee and make your unique wedding.

Wedding at home

If you are a lucky guy whose garden is big enough, then you can make full use of it and design your wedding just at home. Tents and awnings which has been gaining popularities among events and gatherings, can also be helpful to be wonderful decorations for your wedding spot, adding special style for you.

Plan in advance and choose the suitable marquees to get your perfect wedding.

How to Deal with Pests inside Your Portable Garage


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Pests including mice and rats can easily gnaw away the canopy of your portable garage, cause great damages to the building and tear up the elements inside. You’d better have periodical checkups for temporary garage in case some annoying animals intrude your property. Also, it is necessary for you to take action to keep them out when you find some signs of their showing up. Inspect the cover of your portable garage and any tears or holes can be a perfect entrance for pests to come in. If you find any, mend it with a patch to prevent mice and rats away from portable garage shelter and stuffs inside.


Make sure your portable garage is clean and tidy. Pests are falling in love with somewhere dirty and messy because there are shelters for them to hide. Clear off resources of food and water and don’t set garbage can or some sundries around your carports because you will never want to raise the charm of attracting pests to pay a visit and settle down.

If you would like to cultivate a garden, it is brilliant to be far away from your portable garage. In this way, the rats will not be seduced to eat your plants and get a shelter inside storage shelter. Remove a pile of woods, bricks or lawn furniture from the area that next to temporary garages.


Of course, introducing natural enemy can also scare rats and mice away from portable garage. Dogs and cats are capable of strong deterrent force. What’s more, you can reside one part of your property to attract wild animal, such as owls.

Inspect any evident of pests existence in portable garage buildings. Check up corners, ceils and gaps, so you can tell what kind of pests according to ambient urine and feces with different sizes. And then do a research to confirm a best solution for a specified category including traps and pesticides.

Fabulous Battery powered Ride on Train for Kids


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Probably, your kids dream they can drive a drive a train like their dad and uncle one day. We are undoubtedly the first choice for you to consider by training them on a kid ride on train before they try a real one. Here we are going to show you why it worth the praise.


This fabulous electric ride on steam engine is the stuff that Christmas Dreams are made of. This super stylish, interactive ride on toy will give hours of outdoor fun. This awesome 12v little Train Electric Engine comes with everything, and kids will need to be your very own train driver. What’s more, it can be driven indoors or outside with speed up to 8km/h which is 5mph. And your kids will have all the extras that you need from working headlights and four enchanting electronic sounds to a foot accelerator. With a hardy construction, kids can enjoy hours of fun with these engines, time and time again.


Kids 12v Ride on Green Train Details:

※Fully working LED headlight

※ Forward and reverse

※ Foot accelerator

※ Automatic Braking System

※ Electronic steering wheel with sounds

※ Easy 1-2-3 assembly

※ Two Motors

※ Charger included

※ Brass effect boiler features

※ Rubber tyres on all four wheels ensuring smooth and quiet operation

※ Can be used in conjunction with other Little Play Train products to allow multiple kids to enjoy the ride too !

※ Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years (regulatory guidance)

Technical Details:

※ Max Load: 30kg

※ Motor: 2 x 6V

※ Battery: 12v 7ah Rechargeable

※ Max Speed: 5 Mph

※ Size: L: 126cm W: 54.7cm H: 69.5cm to chimney

A good parent is on its way to satisfy the interests of their children for further exploration, which is also helpful to acquire another skill regarding kids. So why don’t buy one battery powered ride on train for kids now? Make good choice and we will return you more happiness.