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Posted by Cherry | Posted in Garden Ideas | Posted on 17-04-2013


It comes to getting fire pit for garden or patio, the first thing we need to consider why we want to get a fire pit and where we plan to place it, the answers to these questions can exclude many inappropriate fire pits for you. But if you want to get a garden fire pit for your outdoor living room, you have to take this outdoor living room into consideration. Today we will talk about how to choose the right fire pit for your outdoor living room and offer some instructions for you.

Generally speaking, if a family have a garden or backyard, there is no doubt that most of them build an outdoor living space for their summer leisure time, they can have an outdoor dining there, have a party there if it is enough big, even can meet some guests there. Therefore, it is essential that you should get a right fire pit for your outdoor living room.

At first, you should consider those fire pits with seats if there has any furniture in your outdoor living space.

Choose a fire pit for outdoor living room just like choose a set of patio furniture, you have to consider table and chairs at the same time. Just like this 4 seater round BBQ fire bowl table, it consists of one BBQ fire Bowl table and 4 seats, perfect for being placed in an outdoor living room if there still has a lot of space. If you are avid barbecuer, this fire bowl table is fantastic, you can have BBQ dinner every day if you like.

Then, choose the proper single fire pit if you already place some garden furniture set there.

If you have already bought some garden furniture set for your outdoor living space, I think you still need some outdoor fire pit to offer warmth for your outdoor dining. According to the style and size of your outdoor living room, choose the one suit for you. GardenMore add many kinds of outdoor fire pits into its range to meet different customers’ needs.

If your outdoor living space is open to sky, you can DIY a fire pit.

If you want to dig hole in your completed outdoor living space, I have to say that it is a tough work. However, it is open to sky or you plan to DIY a stone fire pit as the beginning of making an outdoor fire pit. DIY always is the best solution to all the things only if you are DIY lover. If you choose DIY, you also can DIY stone seats for this fire pit at the same time.

Anyway, may you get the best fire pit for your outdoor living room. By the way, the most important note, please don’t use fire pit in outdoor living space whose shelter is portable gazebo, maybe they aren’t made from fire proof materials, so it may cause fire accident. So you’d better use your fire pit in open site or some place in your outdoor living room but far from flammable substance.

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