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Zupapa trampoline can provide the different style divided into the inside net trampoline set and trampoline set. We have different sizes such as 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft. In addition, zupapa provides the full amenities and other parts of trampoline with all spare parts in high-quality and classical looking. We adopt the firm net frame to add safety, strength, and stability to the trampoline to ensure your safety and happy time. Unlike other trampolines, this trampoline is hard to warp or lose its shape.

Besides, we pour our great attention on the high quality mesh enclosure net to protect your children from injury. We have also strengthened the welded steel frame and pole to ensure the trampoline supporting capacity to provide you a stable platform. We adopt perfect 8 stitch lines side-bounded and high quality pp mesh jumping mat stretch the bounce ability and durability. What’s more, we use the leg clamps to provide double strength to avoid the trampoline broken down or fall apart by heavy wind. Zupapa always fulfil its potential to ensure the safety while providing the fun.