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Maxtra Oak Wood Fruit Press with Ratchet 6L

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Quick Overview

Two Filter Bag
Strong American Red Oak
Steel Base, Ratchet

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Maxtra Oak Wood Fruit Press with Ratchet 6L

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Product Details

Are you interested in making your favourite wine by yourself at home? Then, you need a tool - the wine press. Our fruit press is created to meet you needs, which is made of strong American red oak and coated metal, and manufactured to high quality. The huge volume allows you to press the maximum amount of fruit at one time. The hygienic and health filter bag prevent pulp, peel and other contaminants from mixing in your wine or fresh squeezed juice.

You can use our efficient wine press to squeeze out grape wine, whether zinfandel, chardonnay, semillon and sauvignon blanc. What's more, you can also enjoy the fresh fruit juice.


Filter Bags

2 Free Filter bags: One with larger clearance& the other with smaller clearance.

The larger-clearance filter bag is custom designed for Grape.

The smaller-clearance filter bag is specially designed for Apple or other fruit which is much difficult to be juiced than grape.

Attention: Such fruit that’s hard to be juice should be pulped before pressed.

Durable Oak Wood Basket.

The chemical properties of oak itself has a profound effect on the wine. Phenols within the wood interact with the wine to produce vanilla type and can give the impression of tea notes or sweetness.

The degree of "toast" on the barrel can also impart different properties affecting the tannin levels of the wine as well as the aggressive wood flavour.

The hydrolyzable tannins present in wood, known as ellagitannins, are derived from lignin structures in the wood. They help protect the wine from oxidation and reduction.

Press Body

Exclusive ratchet-design creates a much easier pressing process.

You guys will not be troubled to rotate the pressing slot manually, but just enjoy a wonderful music while pushing the slot leisurely to finish the pressing work; what’s more, you can also dance like Michael while doing pressing the juice, what’s a magic machine! Take it home right now to start a magic journey!

Tech Data

Volume 6L
Overall Height 573mm
Base Plate Dia.: 275mm
Material: steel
Handle Length: 300mm
Material: steel
Net Weight 9.3kg
Rachet device x 1 Basket x 1
Fitting plate x 1 Pressing plate x 1
Booster pressing plate x 4 Filter bag x 2
Base Plate x 1 Handle x 1